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We believe that launching a product
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Long-term partnership is important for us. We provide flexible options to our portfolio companies


We constantly guide, support and educate our founders as entrepreneurs.


Even though we work fast, we don't make compromises on quality

Our Approach

We are interested in delivering a product that is innovative and solving a real industry problem. If we commit to work together it means we trust your knowledge and bet on your success as a founder.
Product Growth
We take care of all the tech aspect of the startups so our founders can focus more on business model and strategy.
We invest in the product development for successful product launch and acceleration.
Hands On Support
We participate in developing growth metrics and investor pitch decks.
Flexible Partnership
We offer flexible partnership terms tailored to our founders needs.
some of our portfolio startups


Amorus is a messaging app for remote sexy time between intimate partners: more private, more engaged, and more inspired. Amorus believes that the most compelling subject for two people is EACH OTHER


Netic Health is telehealth physical therapy for runners. No weeks of waiting time. No hassle with insurance. Netic allows you to get back to running with a plan that fits your schedule


Chickadee is a mobile app designed for convenient travel. When your mind is busy with to-dos or you don't know how to navigate the unfamiliar destinations, get tailored support from your personal team

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